To be able to use power, we first need to understand what power is and where does it come from? Is it gained from a title, form wealth, from authority, from strength? By knowing what makes one powerful, one will be able to gain and control power.

The word power, comes from the latin word posse, which means ?be able?. The full definition of power reads: "the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events."

This gives us the first clue to where power comes from. Power really comes from the people around you. It is THEY who give one power, not you. And they give one this power through their communication lines and cooperation.

For example, have you noticed how much power the United States President has? Now, where is this power coming from? It is not from the persona of the person who holds the position of President. The United States President has power only because he occupies a position of "president", and this position has thousands and thousands of communication lines. It is the United States Citizens who grant him this power. 

So how do we use this data to transfer power to a junior so that one can move on to bigger and better things in our company?

Here is the exact Formula of Power to transfer one's power to another:

  1. "The first law of a condition of Power is don't disconnect. You can't just deny your connections; what you have got to do is take ownership and responsibility for your connections."
  2. "The first thing you have got to do is make a record of all of its lines. And that is the only way you will ever be able to disconnect. So on a condition of Power, the first thing you have to do is write up your whole post. You have made it possible for the next fellow to assume the state of Power Change. If you don't write up your whole post, you are going to be stuck with a piece of that post since time immemorial, and a year or so later somebody will still be coming to you asking you about the post which you occupied."
  3. "The responsibility is write the thing up and get it into the hands of the guy who is going to take care of it."
  4. "Do all that you can to make the post occupiable."

In this formula above, we can see that one's connections are the source of one's power. Taking responsibility for them and knowing them is important to know. Then one is able to transfer this power to another.

Using this formula one can gain and control power. One can transfer power and one can grow your organisations.

This article is based in part on the Business Administration works of L. Ron Hubbard. Contact us to learn more about how these policies and strategies can benefit you, and how we use them to consult business owners. Book a session with us here.