For small & medium businesses, there is such a thing as a correct & an incorrect management consulting technology. KNOWING if you have the correct solution for YOUR business is the trick. See our solution here:

It is not man's dreams that fail him. It is the lack of know-how required to bring those dreams into actuality. THIS is what we do... We have 2500 procedures that guide our highly trained consultants to take your organisation to the next level.

We are a registered Hubbard Management System consulting company and each one of our consultants is a licensed practitioner who is held accountable through international quality control.  We have 3 offers to choose from below but first, see what you can expect from implementing this science.

Here are the benefits of our service: 

  1. Financial Viability and Solvency improvements
  2. Increased organisational order and efficiency
  3. Increased sales stability
  4. Financial resilience and 
  5. Increased operational performance
  6. Enabling expansion through quality control
  7. Decreased stress for executives and business owners
We achieve these results by implementing the following programs in your business:
  1. The Valuable Final Product program
  2. The Organisation Board showing particle flows and structure
  3. Management by Statistics
  4. Financial Management by Programs
  5. Establishment of company Communication Systems
  6. Setting up an in-House Training and Drill Academy
We are so confident int his service that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We provide business consulting services which train owners of small to medium sized businesses to build organisations which are run on actual strategies & stats, which have abundant leads, which recruit successfully, & which generate profit


The Once Off Session

Have a one-on-one sesison with a consultant to find a fast action point that you can implement right away to go to the next level.

Once-off session via Zoom
Resolve major problems
Affordable starting point

Weekly ConsultationsRetainer

Get one-on-one consulting from a consultant. This is the full service consulting program to make your business sellable and profitable.

Weekly consultations
Get a Model Business
Software to manage your business

Consulting Roadmap Builder

Before you start consulting, first find the issue in your business that you want to resolve. Then create a roadmap to go forward yourself.

Debug your business
Get a graph to work on
Create roadmap plan to take your business further

Video Testimonials

The best way to learn more about a company is through the words that the company's clients have to say about them. At Shepherd Consultants we see our work as craftmanship, and below you will learn what our clients have to say about our craftsmanship. 

 Testimonial from Mr. Tihan Kuypers, the Founder of Solar Energery Life

Solar Energy Life was founded with the mission to accelerate the conversion to renewable energy as the main source of energy on the continent. Their main product offerings are for Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Utility Scale Solar Farms, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Geysers and Heat Collectors, etc. They have a national foot print in Southern Africa and are headquartered in Menlyn, Pretoria. To support them visit the Menlyn Store or go their site:

 Testimonial from Mrs. Shanei Bornman, Born Intelligence Founder

Here is Shanei Bornman, Founder of Born Intelligence. They help clients get customers through Lead Generation. This digital marketing agency combines sales and marketing to acquire the best results for your business. They create stories for your brand, get customers to interact with your brand so that you may harness the results. The only thing you have to do is turn your leads into sales. Support them here:


Through our work, we are returning to business the values and ethical standards upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, rewards for productivity, commitment to the prosperity of entire communities and nations.

We are licensed by WISE International to use the administrative works of renowned author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard to use in organizational, professional and private endeavors. This is the product of more than three decades of research, piloting and codification, this body of knowledge is the world’s most comprehensive system of management and represents the first true technology of management.

It is our belief that our greatest assets are the uniform workability of L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management principles, and the dedication of our consultants. And so we are committed to our craft of improving the quality of life for all in the workplace and society in general.  

We welcome all who share in our commitment and dedication, to create a world where business is stable and expanding.


Over the ages, man has perfected all sciences. To the point where even the power of the atom has been unleashed and harnessed for the use of man. So to has come the perfection of the science of business practice. It is no longer necessary to reinvest business practice with each new business one seeks to build but instead, it is necessary to employ the best practice of the science of business practice...

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard set about researching organizational and management principles and techniques. Poring through volume after volume of business texts he soon came to realize that no uniformly workable technology of organizations existed. While there were many successful activities, there was little in the way of proven techniques and principles which could be applied uniformly to all organizations. And so it was that he embarked on a path of organizational research which would parallel his spiritual studies for the next three decades.

Developing, piloting, fine-tuning and codifying procedures, Mr. Hubbard immersed himself into his most intensive period of organizational and administrative research. He developed the renowned seven-division organizing board, a breakthrough which expresses every basic function and the overall form needed to run and develop any organization.

With the organizational form in place, he then issued policy after policy on each of the functions and duties laid out in this organizing board. In 1965 alone, from his office at Saint Hill Manor, he penned more than 300 administrative policy letters.

All of these policies, more than 2500 of them, were issued in the encyclopedic volumes of the Organization Executive Course and the Management Series set, making them broadly available to all.



"It is with this technology that Shepherd Consultants are able to be the true craftsmen of business practice in this era." 

Marcel T. Wasserman, Shepherd Consultants Founder

Meet Our Team 

Through our work we are returning business owners to, the values and ethical standards upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, rewards for productivity, commitment to the prosperity of entire communities and nations.

Sergio Mazarakis

Partner & Consultant

He has 10 years experience and more than 1000 clients in Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, of course Greece. Sergio has experience helping clients through various crisis like the Greek Debt Crisis.

Jean Gonzalves


Being a consultant with decades of experience in working with professional golfers all the way to working with heads of large companies, Jean is a specialist in executive coaching and consulting.

Paul Muller

With over 2 decades of consulting experience mostly in the telecoms industry, listing 2 companies on the JSE and even serving as the COO of VOX, Paul brings an wealth of experience to the group.

Marcel T. Wasserman

Founder & Consultant

The founder of Shepherd Consultants. Marcel started his first business at the age of 5 and has been studying business ever since. He specialised in financial, marketing and organisational consulting.

Waldo Jonker


Here we have a specialist in Management, execution, goal setting, strategic planning and sales training. Waldo also owns a property company and brings this knowledge to the group. 

Zwelakhe Mabece


A Management Accounting, Finance and Strategy professional with 20 years experience in the Sub Saharan Africa Petroleum industry. With extensive experience solving problems with executive teams and leading high profile strategic projects across the fuels value chain.

Chantelle Wasserman

Stability Executive 

A seasoned organisational administrator, capable of routing and handling the various particles of an organisation efficiently. In charge of Quality Control and Public Relations for Shepherd Consultants. Well versed in the Hubbard Technology.