Every Wednesday at 15:00
The weekly club where you can learn how to build your business into a predictable and profit generating machine.

In these weekly Zoom training sessions, business owners like yourself will learn how to overcome the biggest and most common issues of running a small to medium sized in South Africa.

We have noticed there is a massive need for CORRECT business technology and that there is too much incorrect technology. By correct technology we mean, business methods that actually produce results and do not bring more confusion to business.

You will learn some of the following correct and workable technologies based on the Hubbard Management System:
  1. How to confront work so you can increase production and decrease stress.
  2. How to increase your income using existing resources.
  3. How to do financial planning so you can generate profit.
  4. How to resolve recruitment issues, increase staff loyalty and staff moral.
  5. How to organise your business for success.
  6. How to use stats to improve the conditions of your business.
  7. How to write company policies & procedures so you can sell your company.
  8. Etc.
About the club:
We meet on Wednesdays 15:00 to 16:00, via Zoom. You will receive the link once your register. The sessions are live and interactive, so come prepared to the sessions with  questions you have about business. The sessions are in a group format.

Available courses:
In the weekly sessions we will show you which short business courses you can do at the Hubbard College South Africa.

Grow your own group's POWER:
Invite your friends by sharing this link. The more people in your group who are able to run a successful organisation, the more power you have. 
P.S. For those of you who want one on one consulting, instead see our service demo presentation.   
Presented by
Marcel T. Wasserman
Founder of Shepherd Consultants
"I am doing these training sessions, as this is what is needed and wanted by business owners who want to create organisations that flourish and prosper."
By joining you will receive weekly invites and so we need your contact info. It is free for now. Click this button to join: